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Have a website and want to monetize its traffic? Want to promote your marketplace products?

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Why Become a GPLBuilder Affiliate

At GPL Builder, we have everything a web designer needs to create an engaging and responsive website. Our team offers the latest design trends in site templates, graphics, plugins and other digital items that can help businesses grow their online presence through social media campaigns. We aspire for you to join our affiliate community of like-minded professionals who are passionate about growing together with us as your one stop source for all things related to building modern websites today!

Get personal assistance from your affiliate manager

Earn commission from sub-affiliate sales

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Track statistics and sales in the affiliate dashboard

How it works!

GPL Builder marketplace provides beneficial terms and conditions for affiliate partners. In addition to paying 40% for every client’s purchase, we provide you with a set of free tools to help you with online promotion and marketing. The application process is easy; follow these simple steps.

1. Sign up for the program

Create and verify a free account and get access to the affiliate admin panel.

2. Share your unique referral URL

Generate a referral URL with your affiliate ID and share it on your website, email, or social media.

3. Check the statistics

Track the traffic you send and see the related sales. The more leads you refer, the more profit you get.

4. Earn commission

Earn 40% commission for all purchases, analyze your campaigns, and promote the highest-converting products.

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