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Join GPL Builder Affiliate Program and Monetize Your Audience

Join GPLBuilder Affiliate Program

If you own a community or a bunch of followers, you can monetize them by joining GPL Builder Affiliate Program. Get 35% per sale for every sale generated through your referral link. Sign up now!

Why Become a GPL Builder Affiliate?

GPL Builder is a place where you’ll find a lot of WordPress resources including themes, icons, plugins, mock-ups, templates, UI kits, and so on. You can help your audience to get access to all these resources. So, join our affiliate program. Here’s why you should join.

To Deliver Value

By referring GPL Builder, you’re delivering great value to your audience. GPL Builder is a one-stop solution for WordPress resources. So, suggesting this helps your audience to avail a true chest of WordPress treasure. As you’re delivering true value, your followers will be more than happy.

To Monetize Your Audience

As you’ve built an audience base, you can monetize it. You’re helping them by delivering the value. In return, you’re getting some money. This is a win-win situation. So, by joining our affiliate program, you can monetize your audience.

Your Own Dashboard

In our affiliate program, you’ll get your affiliate dashboard where you can track sales and other statistics. Your dashboard is dedicated to showing your performance only. So, you can check your commission by yourself.

Instant Response

We have an Instant Response team that responds to any question you have as soon as you knock us. So, if you have any confusion about anything, you can reach our team. We’ll be there for you as soon as possible.

How does It Work?

The process of joining as an affiliate at GPL Builder is very easy. It takes only a few simple steps.

1. Sign Up for the Program

Sign up for the program by creating a free account and verifying it. Doing this gives you access to your affiliate panel.

2. Share Your Unique Referral Link

Signing up for our program gives you your unique referral link. Copy the link from your dashboard and share it with your audience.

3. Check Your Statistics

Login to your account anytime and check the dashboard for the statistics. The dashboard contains detailed information so that you can understand how your audience is responding.

4. Earn Your Commission

You can see how much you’ve made from the referral link. You’ll get a 35% commission for each sale. The dashboard tells you how much you can withdraw.

5. Get Your Cash in Your Hand

There are multiple payment methods available to withdraw your commission. Add your preferred payment method to your dashboard and withdraw whenever you need. The process is this simple. So, sign up NOW for your referral link.

Who can Join GPL Builder Affiliate Program?

GPL Builder affiliate program is for everyone who has a good amount of followers.


If you’re a blogger, especially on WordPress, and you have a large follower base, our affiliate program is for you. Share our resources with your audience and earn your commission from every single purchase using your referral link.

Owner of Web Designing and Developing Community

If you have a web designing and developing community on any social media or forum, you must have a good amount of followers. You can sign up for our affiliate program. Help your followers by referring to our resources and receive your commission.


If you’re a web designing and developing influencer with a good audience base, join our affiliate program. Your audience will get everything they need from GPL Builder. In return, you’ll receive a 35% commission per sale. If you have a good audience base, join our affiliate program to monetize the audience base.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Answer- We welcome everyone to join. However, it is better if you have an audience base that is interested in WordPress. Otherwise, you have the least possibility to earn money.

Answer- To join, sign up for our affiliate program (joining link here). After signing up, verify your account. You’ll get your dashboard where you’ll find your unique referral link. Copy it and share it with your audience.

Answer- For checking the statistics and sales in real-time, you should log in to your affiliate dashboard. There, you’ll find everything in detail.

Answer- You can request payment anytime. But we suggest waiting for our regular payment period. We do Weekly Payments.

Answer- Yes, it is a must to verify your account. Verification allows us to know that you’re not using any fake information. That’s why, for safety, verification is a must. Otherwise, you can’t withdraw your commission.