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Being the first world theme author since 2017, we know everything about digital product selling. That’s why the GPL Builder digital marketplace is a great place for designers, developers, and studios to reach highly relevant clients and showcase their works to the world.

Additional Ways to Increase Sales on Digital Marketplace

Sell Exclusively

Exclusive products ensure high commission rates. Authors of exclusive web templates get a 65% cut, and at the same time, both exclusive and non-exclusive graphics products authors get a 65% cut.

Author-Driven Pricing

All authors can benefit from the author-driven pricing policy. It allows you to set custom prices for website templates, graphics, audio, and video.

Affiliate Program

Authors who will self-promote their graphics products as affiliate partners, get two types of commissions: 30% as affiliates, and 65% as authors. Overall they will get a 95% cut from such sales.