CocaCola Loyalty Program

CocaCola Loyalty Program

Last Updated: September 4, 2021
Product ID: 38403

CocaCola Loyalty Program CocaCola Loyalty Program

So guys, this is my first time participating in an Uplabs challenge, and for this, I’ve selected a nifty utility of scanning coke cans and enrolling in the loyalty program.

Watch the animation! The user can scroll through a bunch of available flavors, view more details of the product – and there is also a persistent scanner button in the bottom that will open a barcode scanner and a user can earn points by scanning their cans.

In their profile, they have their name and location, along with the points they’ve earned. They may redeem their points in-store (not shown in the mockup) or buy merch from the app.

Yea, that’s all – please vote and make me a winner! Let me test my beginner’s luck!


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