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Download Monitor CSV Importer

Download Monitor CSV Importer

Last Updated: September 28, 2021
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    Download Monitor CSV Importer

    CSV Importer

    Mass inhalant upon in imitation of heaps concerning Downloads in Download Monitor together with the CSV Importer. This elementary importer, including obvious step-by-step instructions helps you arrival Downloads which includes their categories, tags, archives between Download Monitor.


    • Unzip then add the plugin’s folder in conformity with thy /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    • Activate the extension via the ‘Plugins’ menu into WordPress

    For extra facts about putting in yet managing plugins see here

    Preparing the CSV file

    Before you be able start the inhalant manner you want in accordance with gender a CSV file to that amount carries the downloads or version thou necessity after import. We’ve constructed an example CSV file you execute makes use of to that amount carries the non-existence headers, a sample download block or a sample version row. Note the forward stagnancy among the CSV bring named type, that stagnation defines if the block is a download and a version row.

    Adding multiple version

    You perform assemble as much dense variations to a file as you kind of through without a doubt including rows in imitation of you CSV file with versionas type. It is necessary to that amount the versions ye accumulate are immediately after the down load it should be associated to. Here are a few CSV example rows in conformity with reveal this:

    • – Download 1
    • – Version A
    • – Version B
    • – Download 2
    • – Version C

    In that example Version A and Version B will lie given to Download 1 and Version C will stay fond to Download 2.


    After putting in the development brain on to Tools > Import and click on regarding the Download Monitor CSV Importer link.

    Click concerning the CSV Importer among the listing concerning handy importers

    Upload the CSV file

    At the forward step regarding the CSV Importer you select your CSV bring or accept the back delimiter. By default CSV files utilizes a comma , as delimiter but if you’ve made a spreadsheet concerning Mac the usage of Numbers yet exported in accordance with CSV the delimiter is almost likely a ;

    Select the CSV file or put in the delimiter

    Mapping the data

    At the subsequent footsie ye be able ‘map’ the columns determined among the CSV file for consideration in accordance with down load statistics fields. The extension desire try in imitation of chart as like deep columns mechanically by recognizing where columns are where fields. Note so this overview includes both down load or model fields, now not all fields are back in each and every tier due to the fact download rows absorb one-of-a-kind fields than version rows. After you’ve mapped entire columns ye want in imitation of earning in accordance with Download Monitor fields oppress the Start Import button.

    Map the CSV columns in conformity with the mathematic Download fields

    After the inhalant is performed you will keep redirected in accordance with a page effective thou how many many downloads hold been imported.


    My csv file won’t upload regarding my Multisite

    In WordPress Multisite(Network) thou need in accordance with assemble the csv file development in imitation of the listing over allowed bring extensions into the community wide universal settings.

100% Original File

All items and themes 100% original under General Public Licenses.

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