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Download Monitor Email Lock

Download Monitor Email Lock

Last Updated: September 28, 2021
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    Download Monitor Email Lock

    Email Lock

    The Email Lock development for Download Monitor lets in thou after require users according to unite their email address before those achieve get admission to in conformity with a download.


    • Unzip yet upload the plugin’s folder in conformity with you /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    • Activate the development via the ‘Plugins’ bill between WordPress

    For more records about installing yet managing plugins see here


    After installing the extension head upon in accordance with the download you desire according to floor along an electronic mail address form.

    Lock the download

    Edit the down load ye desire after tier then take a look at the ‘Email Lock’ checkbox of the ‘Download Options’ meta box. Don’t forget in accordance with save/update the down load afterward you’ve got restrained the option.

    Insert the unbolt down load shape shortcode

    The Email Lock extension comes including a modern shortcode as choice show the Email Lock form or intention show a down load hyperlink in conformity with the file then the form has been successfully. You want to skip thine down load ID to this shortcode, we aged download ID 5 in our example.

    Example: [dlm_email_lock id=5]

    Unlocking with the aid of the No Access page

    Instead over exhibiting the unfold form on you page ye execute also display the non-existence down load hyperlink by way of using the [download] shortcode. When the vacationer clicks the link, Download Monitor wish test if the consumer has meanwhile unlocked the download. If she didn’t yet, a No Access page desire stand displayed. The Email Lock extension automatically appends the opening structure in imitation of the No Access page consequently thy visitor do discover the download there.

    Example: [download id=5]

    Because you usage the default [download] shortcode, you be able use all on the shortcode’s attributes like output templates!

    Managing entered e mail address

    Entered electronic mail addresses are addicted after the download. A new meta field called ‘Email Addresses’ desire stay fond after each down load so is locked including the Email Lock extension. In that listing you do recover e mail address and export to them every after a CSV file. You can then inhalant so much CSV file for consideration of you dare client of choice.

    You execute superintend the e mail tackle at the down load edit screen

    Customer Usage

    If you have accompanied upon steps of the Usage section thy download is equipped to go. Visitors intention lie hold in accordance with enter theirs electronic mail tackle before being get right of entry to after the download.

100% Original File

All items and themes 100% original under General Public Licenses.

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