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WordPress Meta Data & Taxonomies Filter

Last Updated: October 8, 2021
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WordPress Meta Data Filter & Taxonomies Filter – MDTF – the plugin for looking out or filtering WordPress content – posts and their custom sorts by way of taxonomies yet meta records fields. The plugin has at all high pliability then for at last such is the just comprehensive answer because erection content material searchable by using meta fields AND taxonomies among WordPress plugins of codecanyon.net then wordpress.org!

The primary notion concerning the plugin – edit you site content material searchable with the aid of meta fields or taxonomies regarding the same time.

With it plugin you choice be able after filter: posts, custom publish types, WooCommerce merchandise filter, Jigoshop merchandise meta fields then taxonomies regarding the equal time.

  • The essential thought of the plugin – redact thy web page content searchable by using meta fields or taxonomies over the equal time.
  • If you need after fulfill searchable – car’s, residences for sale, rent, hotels, ships, wooshop products AND jigoshop products, Easy Digital Downloads and somebody other things regarding you site – the plugin is because of you
  • If your web page is Real manor agency
  • If you web page is Cars Dealer – the plugin is because you
  • If thy web page is Hotel place searching – the plugin is for you
  • If thou bear a Culinary website along tons concerning recipes – the plugin is because of you
  • If thy web page is a Showcase or is you Portfolio – the plugin is because of you
  • If thou need virtually make searchable your posts – the plugin is because you
  • If your web site is woocommerce shop and you want after make products searchable by way of meta fields, manufacture caregory, price, product attributes of the equal period – the plugin is because you

The plugin Features:

  1. Install then uses (with “taxonomies only” widget)
  2. AJAX searching for: posts, customized submit types, woocommerce products, jigoshop products, EasyDigitalDownloads products
  3. Widgets and Shortcodes
  4. Filter posts or custom publish types by meta fields
  5. Filter posts yet customized post types by taxonomies
  6. Query more than one taxonomies yet meta fields on the equal time
  7. Ready for WooCommerce! Work together with WooCommerce: price, merchandise attributes yet with manufacture categories!
  8. Ready for Jigoshop! and EasyDigitalDownloads
  10. Creating search-filter shortcodes by constructor
  12. Post Messenger
  13. Meta values html-items combos self narrate based totally over the present day enquire (dynamic recount)
  14. Taxonomies terms values self detail based on the current search
  15. Built-in the meta-fields data builder (checkbox, drop-down, multi drop-down, range-slider, calendar, textinput, label)
  16. AJAX recounting regarding the seacrh structure html-items for hierarchical searching
  17. Unlimited rely regarding meta fields who may remain made with the aid of built-in meta facts constructor
  18. Auto submit option
  19. Step because of thoroughness slider optionally. Integer then Decimal.
  20. Size because of any drop-down optionally
  21. Searching through publish entitle then its content (any put up type)
  22. Specify because each meta fields the display paint on front: drop-down, checkbox, measure slider, calendar, textinput, label
  23. Specify because every taxonomy the display anger on front: drop-down, checkbox, multi drop-down, label
  24. The ‘Reflection’ functionality for meta fields because of assignment together with already existed meta-fields of you website – makes in the meanwhile existed meta fields searchable.
  25. Reflections – is performance because of synchronizing instant meta fields together with in the meanwhile existed meta fields after redact post searchable by using them!
  26. Constructor of sort-panels
  27. Nice event including thy affairs by penury .
  28. Nice tooltip for every html-element regarding the inquire shape including announcement text
  29. Unlimited instances regarding the MDTF widgets and MDTF shortcodes, or each of them has its personal accept of settings
  30. Empty terms or meta fields perform be unseen optionally within widgets yet in shortcodes
  31. Works including somebody kind about post, customized post type, woocommerce/jigoshop products, category then customized taxonomies, price
  32. Dynamic recount for the inquire combinations
  33. Reset button optionally
  34. Toggles because of the filter sections
  35. And another incantation services

100% Original File

All items and themes 100% original under General Public Licenses.

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