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  • EventOn – WordPress Event Calendar Plugin'

    EventOn – WordPress Event Calendar Plugin


    EventOn – WordPress Event Calendar Plugin Here’s some regarding the relaxation regarding the features… Supports single then multiple season events Create individual period events Create events barring give up period or time Create entire day events Duplicate activities between wp-admin Exclude definitive occasions beyond calendar Span activities till stop epoch whilst concealment end time Set…

  • EventOn Action User

    EventOn Action User


    EventOn Action User THE POWERFUL ACTIONUSER ActionUser addon is a entire 9 yards on an addon for eventON. It allows front-end tournament submissions together with extensive dispose about editions yet customization, front-end tournament manager, consumer permissions government then user assignments because events. Fully Customizable work Submission Form ActionUser provides a entirely customizable front-end shape where…

  • EventOn Bookings

    EventOn Bookings


    EventOn Bookings TIME SLOT BASED BOOKINGS FOR EVENTS Avoid clutter and introduce controlled access yet require in conformity with you emergence because of your treasured clients by enforcing era trail based totally bookings for eventON events. Time Slots Bookings addon will accumulate persimmon yet time slot based reserving applications according to thine normal tournament stamp…

  • EventOn CSV Event Importer

    EventOn CSV Event Importer


    EventOn CSV Event Importer CSV EVENT IMPORTER Import occasions without problems of thine eventON calendar the use of CSV importer addon. IMPORT CSV EVENTS LIKE A BOSS! Import CSV Events Import events among eventON calendar using a formatted CSV bring through footsie by way of footsie process. Ajax Based Importing Process Import 100s about occasions…

  • EventOn Daily View

    EventOn Daily View


    EventOn Daily View FOCUS ON ONE DAY AT A TIME Showcase events for a individual day including the DailyView addon. This addon is a widespread in shape because sites going for walks a column of troops over activities everyday. Easily scroll between days in conformity with find out the next day’s events together with DavilyView….

  • EventOn Event Countdown

    EventOn Event Countdown


    EventOn Event Countdown COUNTDOWN TO YOUR FAVORITE EVENT Countdown timer adds a real-time countdown watch because of events so is informative then helps force draw from audience. Countdown in accordance with Start or End Set tournament countdown in accordance with fall at begin yet end day of the event Trigger Action When Timer Expire Actions…

  • EventOn Event Lists Ext

    EventOn Event Lists: Ext


    EventOn Event Lists: Ext EVENT LISTS: EXT Kick the EventON work List in conformity with the next degree including our Event Lists Ext. addon. VARIOUS EVENT LIST POSSIBILITIES Using the work Lists Ext. addon lets in you in conformity with type gadgets on your calendar’s events list. For example, sort them in accordance with show…

  • EventOn Event Photos

    EventOn Event Photos


    EventON Event Calendar for WordPress is a beautifully crafted event calendar that presents events in a minimal clutter-free design. We take pride in designing EventON to stand up to latest design trends in the industry. EventON comes packed with 200+ useful features such as highly customizable repeating events, multiple event images, unlimited event creation, various…

  • EventOn Event Tickets

    EventOn Event Tickets


    EventOn Event Tickets EVENT TICKETS Are thou looking according to promote tickets for thine activities along eventON? resultant Tickets powered by Woocommerce is the last answer because thy coupon sales need. Stop paying percentage of thine stamp income or try match tickets addon! SELL TICKETS FOR YOUR EVENTS Tickets addon for eventON powered with the…

  • EventOn Full Cal

    EventOn Full Cal


    EventOn Full Cal FULL CAL The FullCal addon because of EventON brings you a traditional calendar grid as is seamlessly blended together with our minimalistic design in accordance with beautify applications necessary in imitation of you. WHAT MAKES THIS SPECIAL Our FullCal addon is now not just you average grid calendar. The addon is filled…

  • EventOn QR Code

    EventOn QR Code


    EventOn QR Code QR CODE QR Code addon for EventON is the subsequent bottom of checking-in appearance at thine next event. You be able makes use of you very own smart cellphone yet appear peaceful doing so. CHECKING-IN ATTENDANCE LIKE NEVER BEFORE Scan your customer’s tickets yet RSVP confirmations together with an easement using our…

  • EventOn RSVP Events

    EventOn RSVP Events


    EventOn RSVP Events RSVP EVENTS RSVP addon for eventON allows ye in conformity with allow thine website visitors after RSVP according to your events the usage of honor and electronic mail address yet put in number concerning spaces needed. What’s also cool is at the event thou do check-in arrival beyond the backend regarding your…